Friday, January 18, 2019

Three Beautiful Things 01/17/19: An 80 Year Old Man, Hot Lunch Memories, Snow Off the Dish and Zags Win

1. I figured when the doctor told me I have the cataracts of an eighty year old man, I was destined for cataract removal surgery. And, I am. After I spent time with three different technicians having my eyes measured and doing a vision examination, Dr. Dance strolled into the examination room, put an apparatus in front of my face, peered through my dilated pupils into the inner regions of my eyes, and, within a few minutes, told me it would be best if he got those buggers out. I will have surgery on my right eye on February 4th and on my left eye on the 26th of February.

2. Back home, I boiled up some rotini and heated up a can of black beans and grated some Parmesan cheese and combined them. My simple, warming, and satisfying bowl transported me back to my school days, grades 1-12. I loved school hot lunch as long as they didn't serve peas which I would stuff into my empty half pint milk carton. Every so often, the cooks served a dish called Witches Brew (I think) (I will gladly stand corrected) and I remember it as a simple combination of noodles and beans. Maybe something else was mixed in it, but the foundation of the dish was noodles and beans. (I just took a quick look at some recipes and, indeed, Witches Brew can include celery, mushrooms, onion, and other ingredients.) I finished eating my simple version of nostalgia triggering Witches Brew and nearly hopped in the Sube and drove to Yoke's to buy another can of black beans -- but, knowing that discretion (or moderation) is the better part of valor, I stayed put.

3. It snowed today. Luckily, I returned home from my eye appointment in CdA ahead of any snow on the 4th of July Pass, but the snow did threaten to impair the fun Christy, Everett, and I had planned for this evening. Christy texted me that her tv wasn't receiving a signal. Snow needed to be removed from her dish. I grabbed a broom, climbed a ladder, and tried to get the snow off the dish, but I wasn't going at it from a good angle. Christy have me a dusting ball fastened to a pole and I returned to the ladder, put it in a different position, and succeeded in removing the snow. Magically, now the signal reached the tv.

What a relief.

Having secured a tv signal, Everett, Christy, and I helped ourselves to slices of a Papa Murphy's vegetarian pizza Christy baked and watched the Zags methodically dismantle Loyola Marymount with little fuss. The final score was 73-55.

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