Friday, January 25, 2019

Three Beautiful Things 01/24/19: Walking Uptown, Sparty Flexes Their Muscle, Green Curry and a Gale Force Blowout

1. I strapped on my backpack late this morning and trudged on both shoveled and unshoveled sidewalks and trails and dropped off a payment to Avista, picked up my eye drops for my February 4th cataract surgery, made a deposit at Wells Fargo Bank, dropped off and picked up a book at the library, and made my way back to Sunnyside where I bought a bottle of brandy and returned home. I walked over 6000 steps, slightly over three miles -- a most satisfying walk, made even more so by the errands I completed.

2. Back home, I was eager for the Michigan State-Iowa basketball game to commence. For about thirty minutes of basketball time, it was a good contest, but, as the second half progressed, muscular, speedy, and sharp shooting Michigan State imposed its will on Iowa by taking control of the paint, scoring in bunches on fast break points as well as on successful shots from beyond the three point arc, and harassing Iowa's attempts to score three point shots while sealing off the inside. In the end, the Spartans claimed an emphatic victory, 82-67.

3. As Michigan State extended its lead over Iowa, I headed to the kitchen to oven roast pieces of zucchini, cauliflower, eggplant (YES! Yoke's had eggplant this week!), and cabbage. I also made a fairly spicy green curry sauce with a pleasing balance of saltiness and sweetness. I mixed the roasted vegetables and the sauce and served it over jasmine rice and enjoyed my dinner.

Around 8:00, I went over to Christy and Everett's and watched Gonzaga crush Santa Clara, 98-39. (No typo. It was that bad.)  I bade the game and Christy and Everett good night early in the second half. The game's suspense was long gone and I was ready for bed.

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