Sunday, January 27, 2019

Three Beautiful Things 01/26/19: VFW Breakfast, Household Upkeep, Hanging Loose at the Lounge

1. Around 9:00 this morning, Jake and Carol Lee gathered me up and we blazed up to the VFW Hall in Osburn for their last Saturday of the month breakfast. They offered biscuits and gravy, scrambled eggs, sausage, French toast, plain pancakes, huckleberry pancakes, orange juice, and coffee. A good crowd of people, many of them my age and older, many wearing a t-shirt or a baseball cap identifying themselves as veterans, several of the Vietnam War, was in attendance. My biscuits and gravy and scrambled eggs were delicious, as was the pancake I ate next. Jake, Carol Lee, and I had a fun time yakkin' about all sorts of things.

2. Back home, I did some cleaning up, finished a couple loads of laundry, and further evaluated the area rug situation and how I might help make the house more comfortable for Charly to walk around in. I tuned into the Kansas-Kentucky basketball game, hoping for an exciting contest, but it turned out to be kind of a ragged game. Kansas is hampered by injuries and so isn't a very deep team anymore. They also had an off night shooting. Consequently, Kentucky rolled to a 71-63 win.

3. Earlier in the afternoon, Stu asked me if I would purchase him an Elks Crab Feed ticket at the Lounge and I told him I'd do it today. And I did. Shortly before six, Ed called and wondered if I might heading up to the Lounge and so we agreed to meet in a little while. Ed strolled in with Al and the three of us had a good time joking around, swapping stories, and talking about how things were going. Al and Ed didn't stay long and after they took off I decided to have dinner at the Lounge and ordered a plate of delicious s  eafood Lo Mein from Wah Hing. I'd had a couple glasses of Rolling Rock and switched to ice water to drink with my meal.

Bird Legs and Gloria came in and gave me a quick rundown on tonight's Kellogg Wildcat losses to Timberlake. It's been a disheartening season. I'm sure Coach Nearing and his assistants are facing a pretty stiff challenge trying to keep the team's morale up and the boys playing hard. I remember how discouraging it was when I played on a couple of particularly lousy Wildcat squads my sophomore and junior years. By the end of those seasons, while I can't speak for my teammates, I know I was numb with discouragement and apathy. Luckily, I couldn't do our team much harm because I was a bench warmer the entire first season and from about January forward in the second. Just for the record, I was a bench warmer almost my entire senior year (one disastrous start against Wallace in a loss at home) and deep apathy took hold when I was suspended after our loss to Wallace at home because I left my warm up jersey in my locker instead of taking it home.

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