Thursday, January 17, 2019

Three Beautiful Things 01/16/19: Preparing for My Appointment, Resting my Legs, Limo to Smelterville and Eddie Joe's

1. This morning I prepared myself for my January 17th appointment at the North Idaho Eye Institute. I filled out the required paperwork and went online and watched six videotapes explaining cataract removal surgery and the different options for lenses that might replace my original, natural lens. At this appointment, it's my understanding that the doctor will make a determination or recommendation as to whether I should have one or both of my cataracts removed.

2. I decided to give my legs a rest today and didn't go on a photo walk. Christy's vehicle needed a quick recall repair and I drove her down to leave off her Jeep and took her back to pick it up. Back home, in preparation for the St. John's vs Creighton basketball game, I popped a bowl of popcorn and started watching the game.

3. During the game's first half, Cas texted me with an invitation to have a couple or three drinks at Eddie Joe's. He picked me up in his white block long limo, his 1975 Lincoln Continental Lipstick Edition, a car he purchased a few months ago from a dealer in Fort Worth, Texas. So I could really feel the luxury of how this car rides, Cas drove us out to Smelterville and back. It was as if we were floating on an airstream down the freeway. Cas's ride has an 8 track tape player. Cas recently purchased the Kinks' album, Low Budget from the 8 Track Shack, here, and we listened to it out on the open road to Smelterville and back. I felt like I could fly like Superman.

It was a quiet late afternoon at Eddie Joe's. No dog fights this time. T did not unload a barrage of F Bombs on Frenchy. Jess put the St. John's game on a couple of televisions and I paid some attention to the Johnnie's 81-66 victory.

Cas invited me over to his and Tracy's place for some pizza. We watched about the first half of the dystopic classic movie, Escape from New York, but I had to ask for a ride home before it was over because Maggie and Charly needed to be fed and I needed to give Charly her medicine.

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