Thursday, September 3, 2020

Three Beautiful Things 09/02/20: Hep B Shot, Haircut, Walking with Prior Phillip BONUS A Limerick by Stu

1. As a preventative measure related to a possible future kidney transplant, today I completed my three shot series of Hepatitis B vaccinations. My annual transplant program review will take place in November and I'll find out then what all I need to do to remain listed (cardiac stress test? pulmonary exam? Etc.).

2. I hadn't had a haircut since February. I'm not fussy about my hair, but I was tired of my hair falling in front of my eyes. I suppose I could have bought a bandanna or something to control my messy mop, but, instead, I made an appointment and drove to the Supercuts place I always go to in Coeur d'Alene. I don't think I'll wait six months for another cut and, when I return, I think I'd like my hair to be cut even shorter.

3. I am slowly getting back into a routine of walking and am doing it in the evenings. I walked to the high school again today and, as I made the 1.25 miles round trip, I listened to my version of The Pillars of the Earth through my earbuds. Prior Phillip's new bishop is wily, power hungry, secretive, and more materially than spiritually motivated and I'm into a part of the novel now where the naive Phillip's eyes are opening to what kind of man he's dealing with in Bishop Waleran. The ecclesiastical political tension of this mammoth piece of historical fiction is tightening.

Here's a limerick by Stu:

Of course we don’t want a bad habit.
They’re hard to get rid of dagnabbit.
And if cheese is your vice,
Then take my advice.
Don’t celebrate this day for Welch Rabbit.

National Welch Rarebit Day.
(Rarebit is Welch term for Rabbit) Dish with hot cheese poured over toast.

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