Sunday, September 6, 2020

Three Beautiful Things 09/05/20: Spiffin', Patrick and Meagan Arrive, Almost Family Dinner BONUS A Limerick by Stu

1. Patrick and Meagan decided to take a short vacation to North Idaho this weekend, starting today. Their first stop, I'm really happy to say: Kellogg, Idaho. I spent much of the day making sure the house was spiffed up -- I laundered tablecloths, vacuumed, swept, bleached the bathroom, got snacks organized, finished cooking our dinner, put dishes in the dishwasher, put dishes away, created at least six feet of distance between places to sit in the living room, and I made a trip to Yoke's and the liquor store to make sure I had on hand what I wanted to be ready to serve.

All of this might sound tedious, but I had a great time, motivated by the being really happy that Patrick and Meagan would be visiting me.

2. Patrick and Meagan arrived at around 6:30. They brought an armload of beers from Oregon, beers from Breakside, Great Notion, Deschutes, Block 15, Cascade, and maybe others.

I got the beers situated, we all headed out on the deck, and we fell immediately into easy conversation. We were all deeply interested in how each other has been doing while staying home most of the time over the last six months. I reported on the usual -- books, the poetry broadcast, enjoying being with Debbie, podcasts, movies, jazz, family dinners, the Tree House concerts every Tuesday, and so on. Patrick and Meagan talked about working from home (their NEW home, starting in July), and how Meagan has started dividing her time, half and half, between working at home and at the Tigard Library.

3.  First Christy and then Carol and Paul arrived around 7:45. Patrick, Meagan, and I had been so busy yakkin' that we hadn't quite gotten around to eating dinner, but, not problem. I served the food I made for us on Friday: Turkish Pinto Bean Salad and Green Tomato Curry with chicken, potatoes, and green beans over brown rice. Christy, Paul, and Carol had already had dinner.

Now conversation really exploded! We were all over the place talking about everything from libraries to Burning Man to the Oregon Country Fair to Patrick's now retired ideas for inventions to clearing out campers near the reservoir in the gulch behind the high school.

It was a merry time on the deck. When Christy, Carol, and Paul decided to head home, Meagan, Patrick, and I talked a while longer about movies and other things until they decided to call it a night, too. They decided to spend the night at the Silver Inn west of us on Cameron. It's the former Silverhorn Inn and now has new owners and it's got a new, fresh look after months of remodeling.

I was wound up after everyone left and, instead of going to bed, I finished bringing things in from the deck, took care of leftovers, rearranged the beer in the refrigerator, and put dishes in the dishwasher.

I had a superb day. 

Here's a limerick by Stu commemorating Pet Rock Day:

Like Pumice and Pyrite and Slate.
Think Quartz and those Agates First Rate.
Whether shiny and slick,
Or roughed up does the trick.
It's great to have rocks for a mate.

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