Thursday, September 10, 2020

Three Beautiful Things 09/09/20: Drive to Jordan Saddle, Relaxing, The Cardinals BONUS A Limerick by Stu

 Note: Several people responded with supportive comments to my blog post's prelude yesterday and I'm grateful for your encouraging comments. Thank you very much.

1. I drove out to Ed's house in Kingston around 9:00 this morning and we headed upriver and turned off the CdA River Road at Shoshone Creek and wound our way up to Jordan Saddle and a ways beyond before Ed decided the road's condition was so sketchy that it was best to turn around and retrace our route. We had a great time yakkin' about all kinds of things, stopping at a McGillvary job site right by the Snake Pit to say hello to the guys I used to join for Friday morning breakfast, and enjoying the arresting forest scenery on this mild late summer day.

2. Back home, I relaxed by finishing the leftover green tomato curry I hadn't put in the freezer over rice. This late lunch relaxed me so completely that I crawled back to bed and took a deep and refreshing nap.

3. I also enjoyed a message exchange with Stu about NIC basketball in 72-74. Stu raised some questions about the 73-74 season that I couldn't answer -- things in the past are getting fuzzier and fuzzier for me -- and I'm thinking I might do some searching on the World Wide Web to see if I can find some box scores or even some newspaper stories about some of those games. 

A limerick by Stu:

A dog is a pooch you can pet.
Or a team picked to lose from a bet.
So just for a prank,
Change that name to "Frank",
Add a bun, for a meal, it's no sweat. 

National Hot Dog Day

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