Friday, September 4, 2020

Three Beautiful Things 09/03/20: Mystery Solved (I Think), "Stolen Memories" Mystery, Rose Lake Party BONUS A Limerick by Stu

 1. If I experience changes in how I feel physically, I feel some low grade anxiety. Are my failing kidneys finally going to pot? Well, the last few days, I've been feeling sluggish and have fallen into deep naps during the day. I thought this over and suddenly I wondered the following: I don't eat much meat, but I've been eating the sausages leftover from Sunday's breakfast blowout. I wonder if that's what lies behind the sluggishness I've been feeling. And you know what? I think it is. It might be the sodium and accompanying dehydration. So, no more morning sausages for me and I'll see if putting the morning meat aside also leaves me feeling more energetic as the day goes along.

2. I enjoyed Billy Collins' continued readings from Whale Day and The Trouble with Poetry. 

His jazz selection today was especially exquisite and triggered an imprecise memory inside me that I can't quite get a firm grasp on. If anyone might be able to help me, I'd sure appreciate it.

Billy Collins opened his broadcast by playing the track "Stolen Moments" from Oliver Nelson's album, The Blues and the Abstract Truth

As the song opened, it was immediately familiar to me.  I'm sure this was music played as a prelude to (and maybe during breaks in) a radio program, either for a local KLCC program or for a national program played on KLCC. Or did I hear it as music accompanying programming at KAMU in Washington, DC? 

I just don't know. 

The tune brings up warm feelings, but I can't place where I used to hear it.

If anyone reading this can help me nail this down, I'll deeply appreciate it.

3. Ed called me this morning with some very good news.

Joni and Carol Lee were going on a CdA Trail bike ride today and wondered if Ed and I would like to join Jake and them for a deck party at the Jacobs' Rose Lake residence.

My friends know I've been very cautious about getting out and doing things, but I've decided that when get togethers are small and outdoors, that works. Today's get together was both of these things. 

Am I every happy I joined in!

Ed and I arrived and, almost instantly, Carol Lee had a gin and tonic mixed and in my hand. We enjoyed a fine selection of chips and some pickled asparagus and got in some very high quality yakkin' about what's been happening -- I hadn't see Jake, Carol Lee, or Joni for at least six months. 

After a while, Jake fired up the grill and made us each a perfectly grilled burger and I loved the sides that were available: potato salad, fruit salad, and baked beans.

It was a perfect dinner and the whole environment became more and more peaceful as the sun set, the lake sat calmly, hardly a ripple on its surface, and the air cooled down.

Jake played great tunes: the Guess Who, the Bee Gees, and Steely Dan. It was just the right memory packed series of tunes to accompany a relaxed evening with friends I've known since the days of Socrates. 

Here's a limerick by Stu:

Silver and Gold, are big around here.
Blue and Orange seen when Boise is near.
Crimson and Gray won't skidaddle,
When Purple and Gold comes to battle.
What are your favorite colors to cheer?

College Colors Day                                

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