Saturday, January 10, 2009

January 9th: InlandEmpireGirl's Birthday -- -- It's All Goodness and Light

Raymond Pert Marvels at His Baby Sister

Times don't change much. Just I did in this picture over fifty years ago, I still marvel at my sister, my adult sister. She's hardly my baby sister anymore.

If you follow this blog, you know my sister as InlandEmpireGirl, the creator of a stunning blog, Gathering Around the Table.

If you are looking to enjoy a blog that is a perfect reflection of its creator, go enjoy my sister's blog.

I marvel at her blog.

My sister is devoted to goodness and light, whether it's the goodness and light found in her dogs, her cats, her husband, God, gardening, cooking, reading, writing, photography, teaching, our family, or being a trusted and faithful friend to so many.

Every time my sister posts at her blog, it grows out of the goodness and light of her heart and soul and mind. She write beautiful musings upon the things in her life that bring her goodness and light, she takes photographs full of goodness and light, she shares poems, recipes, flower arrangements, gardening ideas, pictures of her gardens; she matches pictures with quotations from her favorite writers and thinkers, always working to inspire readers of her blog to see more fully the goodness and light in life.

I can be a dark soul. When I visit with InlandEmpireGirl, whether at her home or through the wonders of the internet or the telephone, her great humor, positive outlook, honesty, and faith always inspire me to see the world in a better light. My sister's goodness is especially inspiring because it's grown out of her strength, out of her suffering through difficult times. Rather than being left embittered by what she's endured, my sister has transmuted what she's learned from suffering into compassion for others and learned ways to see the goodness and light in herself and others. I marvel at how she does this while always aware of the difficulties she's endured.

So Happy Birthday, Sissy! Keep on shining! And, to close, in case you have forgotten, your love for looking into things for pictures began a long time ago. Here you are looking at pictures in a View-Master at Grandma's house on E. Bridgeport!


Angie Bishop said...

I can tell you are so proud of your Sister! Yes, she is a remarkable woman!

inlandempiregirl said...

First of all... thank you. I think you have taken over the goodness and light with this post. Second... where did you get these pictures? You must have snatched these a while back. I don't even remember seeing the View-Master picture. What a great one. I love the details of Grandma's house that show up around me. Lastly, I hope to keep on shining. I feel like life is just at its prime! There are lots of pictures to take, blogging to do, gardens to harvest, sibling outings to attend, and gatherings to organize... yes.. our fifties will be continue to be the best. Thanks again BB.

inlandempiregirl said...

take out the be... will continue to be the best!!

Silver Valley Girl said...

What a lovely post. She does spread light and goodness all around!!

You've been tagged for some iTunes fun here:

Anonymous said...

Let me add my birthday wishes as well, IEG. Boy, that year we were born was sure a great one, yes?

John Austin

inlandempiregirl said...

Thanks John... I was hoping for one of your famous cutlines on the photo above! Yes.... that year was a great one for sure.