Saturday, January 3, 2009

Three Beautiful Things 01/03/09: Angie and Coomer Updates, Clip, Riot of Flavors

1. My cousin Angie wrote me an email today. When's the last time we had any contact? 1980, maybe? What a pleasure to hear from her and to find out how her sisters are doing and what's up with her mom and dad. Hmm....I didn't realize when Angie got a little silly at InlandEmpireGirl's wedding twenty-eight years ago that it was her first time getting drunk. That surprises me. She seemed like such a booze pro that evening.... ;).

2. Yesterday I picked up a Sansa 8 gig Clip MP3 player, paid in part by the Wal*Mart gift card Mom gave me for my birthday. I started loading the player up today and always enjoy learning the in's and out's of these remarkable gadgets.

3. I bought a tiny turkey breast yesterday and late this afternoon the Deke heated it up and she made some sour cream mashed potatoes. I sliced some turkey, spooned myself some spuds, and suddenly I anticipated bliss: I fell to my knees in front of the open fridge and moved the eggs and fruit cake and lemon poppy seed cake and container of salsa away from each other and a clear path opened to what I knew was hiding in the shadowy back of the fridge: orange cranberry relish. Patrick and the Deke had it with their turkey on Thanksgiving and I greedily pulled it out, slathered it all over my turkey and splashed it on my spuds and savored the chaos of CranberryOrangeSourCreamPotatoTurkeyAllRunTogether and gave my widening belly a satisfied tap.

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