Thursday, January 1, 2009

Three Beautiful Things 12/31/08: Shine On, St. Mary's, Ham Soup

1. I'd been riffing a little on Pink Floyd's song title, "Shine On, You Crazy Diamond" as a New Year's greeting during the run up before going to the Floydian Slips show tonight. And wouldn't you know it! The Floydian Slips opened their show tonight with "Shine On, You Crazy Diamond"!

2. I had business to take care of at St. Mary's Episcopal Church today and realized that it's been months, maybe over a year, since I went to the church during the day to take care of something or go to a meeting. It's a funny thing to say, but I feel much more like I'm really getting back into life at the church just by having gone there today and asked Louise for help and then dropped in on the church bookkeeper.

3. Marla fixed a flavorful and comforting ham and potato soup and she and Randy and family invited me over for dinner before Randy and I went to the McDonald to hear the Floydian Slips.

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Isorski said...

Hey, that is one of my favorite songs to do with the Slips. Thanks for coming to the show and spending NYE with us. We had a blast! Also, that was the first time we'd ever played Echoes live.

--Paul from the Floydian Slips