Saturday, January 10, 2009

Three Beautiful Things 01/09/09:Framing the American Dream, Mental Health Care, Headache Subsides

1. MBayless was back in class today. We asked them each to tell the class how they framed their understanding of the American Dream in their first essays, and we were both impressed and excited by the quality of their thinking.

2. I didn't go to the early part of the division meeting today. I wasn't interested. I arrived for the middle. It was good. Mostly. I left before the last third got started. I am protecting my mental health. Not attending barely bearable discussions in meetings at work helps, immeasurably.

3. After the first week of classes, enrollments seem stabilized. The no-shows are gone. The students wanting in are enrolled. Those accidentally dropped are registered back in. It's amazing how much time that should be given over to learning is spent taking care of institutional business in the institutional classroom. I hate it. I love it when these enrollment headaches are resolved.

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