Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sibling Assignment #87: A Perfect Day

For this sibling assignment, InlandEmpireGirl challenged us to describe a perfect day. InlandEmpire girl's perfect day is here and Silver Valley Girl's is still to come.

I can't actually write about what would most fully be a perfect day for me because it would involve passions and pleasures I just don't write about in my blog. So, I'll keep my real number one perfect day a private dream and I'll write about another kind of perfect day that I'd enjoy having.

My perfect day would occur in Kellogg and the surrounding area. It would begin with my sisters and mother and by the end of the day would involve friends I've known for forty to fifty years or more.

To start, my perfect day would begin with a Jimmy Dean sausage and eggs and potatoes and toast and coffee breakfast. No homefries. No herbs. No omelets or eggs benedict. No. Just fried or scrambled eggs with hash browns and toast with strawberry jam or preserves canned by Mom or one of my sisters and plain ole coffee out of the can: MJB maybe. Mom usually has Yuban. It could be Folgers or Maxwell House or anything else ordinary and normal.

Mom and my sisters and I would jump in the car and start driving the Silver Valley. We'd go up Wardner, check out the progress of the construction up Deadwood Gulch, drive through Smelterville, identify where people live and used to live, remember where Farmers Market was and tell tall tales about the Happy Landing and Frontier Days.

If we wanted a pop break: the Boat and then a swing through Page and checking out the construction there and come over the hill into Pinehurst and circumnavigate the golf course. I'd want to see if we could identify the tree planted in memory of my dad.

Then I'd want to head east of Kellogg and drive up Elizabeth Park and Montgomery Gulch and go up Moon Gulch and Big Creek and tell more stories about people we knew and know all these places and have Silver Valley Girl give a local history lesson about all these places.

My perfect day would then take us to Murray and the Sprag Pole for burgers and fries and on the way back we would find some obscure road Silver Valley Girl knows about and come back to the Valley via it, possibly retracing the tracks of Noah Kellogg or some other early pioneer.

In my perfect day, we would return home in time for Mom to catch at least one soap and then we'd start frying chicken, lots of chicken, and making potato salad, lots of potato salad, and start filling coolers with Heidleberg and Olympia beer (no microbrews allowed) and friends would start to arrive for a chicken and potato salad and beer party in the back yard.

Since it's my perfect day, it would happen in a perfect world and old Silver Valley friends would travel from as close as Kingston and as far away as Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and come over to Mom's backyard to eat, drink, bullshit, laugh, and enjoy each other.

Washing over the top of the party would be the sounds of Steppenwolf, Chicago, the Carpenters, James Taylor, the Rolling Stones, The Beatles, Johnny Cash, CCR, Carole King, and all the other music we all enjoyed in high school and soon there after.

My perfect day would lengthen into a perfect evening and stretch into a perfect night where all my great Silver Valley friends, men and women alike, would be filled with the joy of one another's company and good cheer.


inlandempiregirl said...

First of all I love the cartoon. I think your perfect day could be done. If I get Mom organized on the meals then you get the travel arrangements done for everyone coming. SVG can do the music and a slideshow and I'll take pictures or maybe invite photoman. Let's pick a date!!!!

myrtle beached whale said...

That is very doable. Do we have to invite Wallace guys?