Sunday, May 1, 2011

Three Beautiful Things 04/30/11: Alton Baker Park, Russell Returns the Cap, Beef Stew Revisited

1.  I enjoyed getting out with a camera again and taking some photographs with Russell.  We wandered around Alton Baker Park.  I'm not sure which of the photos are worthy of posting, yet, but it was fun to be out, see people in the park, and take pictures again.

2.  Here's one moment I enjoyed.  You can see what you think of the picture's quality.  A guy rode past Russell and me on his bike and his cap flew off and Russell retrieved it.  I snapped a picture of Russell returning the cap.  Russell's hand of goodwill made the shot.  Had I been able to compose this shot better, it might have been a better shot with both of their faces in the frame....

Russell Returns the Cap

3.   I can't quite explain it, but I love cooking beef stew.  I love the recipe from America's Test Kitchen  (I've probably written this before) -- I enjoy trimming the chuck roast and cutting it into inch and a half pieces, rather than buying stew meat.  I enjoy the browning, the way I've added rutabagas, turnips. parsley, and brown mushrooms to the recipe. I enjoy how this stew sits in the oven at 300 degrees for two hours.  For Sunday dinner, the Deke and I plan to make egg noodles and serve the stew over the noodles.  It's really fun.

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