Saturday, May 7, 2011

Three Beautiful Things (and a Bonus) 05/05-06/11: Generous Russell, Taxi Driver's Travails, Rei Learns on Me, and Bonus: Relief

Warning:  Some readers might find that there is Too Much Information in what I've written here.  If you are TMI sensitive, you might want to skip this one.

May 5 and 6 turned out to be like one long day for me.  I was up very early in the morning on May 5th to consume the last of my laxative before arriving at the Cascade Endoscopy Center for a colonoscopy.  Upon arriving and talking with the nurse and doctor, the three of us figured out that I wasn't ready to be scoped.  I'd need to spend another day in preparation, another day without solid food.  I hardly slept as May 5th became May 6th and I continued to drink more laxative solution and prepare.  By the time I arrived at the McKenzie/Willamette hospital at 6:30 a.m. on May 6th, my colon was cleaned out and the procedure could continue.  Here are the Three Beautiful Things that occurred over these two days that I experienced as one really long day:

1.  I know Russell is not typically a morning person, but when I asked him if he could take me to the Cascade Endoscopy Center at 7:30 a.m., he agreed to without hesitation and agreed to wait for me to be finished.  It turned out to be be a much shorter visit than we expected, but I am grateful for Russell's generosity in providing me transportation.

2.  On Friday morning, I took a 6:15 a.m. cab to McKenzie/Willamette hospital and the driver suddenly, after telling me where the best truck stops in Idaho are, began to tell me about her son and his meth habit and how he went to prison once and when he got out lived with her and was clean for about a year but he started tweaking again and stole from her and how she had him sent to prison and disclaimed him to her son's defense attorney in court and made her son sob and then our ride was over and all I could do was pay my fare and tip her and tell her that I hoped things would work out for her and to take care.

3.  Marla generously agreed to come to the hospital and take me home after my colonoscopy and Marla told me that Rei goes to St. Mary's and I didn't know this when the nurse asked me if I minded if a student nurse put in my I.V. and I said I didn't and so I got to watch and listen as Rei, the student nurse, learned how to do it and as she intently and carefully did her job and thanked me for letting me learn how to put in an IV, to put it in my wrist.   I wished I'd known she was a fellow church member, but she and her family worship at 9:30 and I worship at 11 so our paths don't cross, but I was really happy she was learning on the job at McKenzie/Willamette.  My experience there has been superb in the past and on this day I had a moment when I was under a couple of blankets and a hose was gently blowing warm air under those blankets and I didn't think I'd ever been more comfortable and the nurses were joking with me and I was joking back and I was being totally taken care and I thought that it wouldn't be so bad if they never released me and I just stayed there forever.

Bonus:  I had air in my gut after the colonoscopy and it bloated me and they weren't going to let me go home until I farted out this air and I was there, and Marla was there, for over an hour and finally they released me and I came home and I lay down and fell asleep, my stomach bloated with air, and then I woke up over an hour later and the odorless air farts started to occur and my stomach was relieved and finally I could eat some bacon and toast and go back to sleep and be free of colon air pain.

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