Saturday, May 21, 2011

Three Beautiful Things 05/20/11: Cinnamon Twist, Office Hour, New Torch Editor(-in-Chief)

1.  I hadn't indulged in eating one of those monster cinnamon twists at Market of Choice for many months.  I wanted cinnamon this morning.  So I bought a coffee at Starbucks and bought a twist at Market of Choice.  It was a risk, though.  Sometimes the Market of Choice raised dough cinnamon twist is undercooked, doughy inside.  I hit the cinnamon twist jackpot today.  The monster cinnamon twist was perfect and put me in an unusually good mood for a day of grading.

2.  My student, AM-G is a young single mother with a difficult background who is doing all in her power to turn her life around.  She's assertive, curious, straightforward, and sometimes confused about what I'm assigning in WR 121.  She came by for help today.  We had a great talk and, I hope, she understands the writing she has left to do better.

3.  I'm on LCC's Media Commission and we selected a new editor (in-chief) for The Torch, the college's newspaper, today.  I was very impressed with the comprehensive knowledge and vision of the student we chose to run the operation next year. 

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