Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Three Beautiful Things 05/17/11: Weeping Camel, Last of the Steaks, "Are You Done Now?"

1.  Maybe my favorite class meeting in ENG 109 is our screening of "The Story of the Weeping Camel".  It's a remarkably slow, attentive story about a family of Mongolians faced with a problem when a mother camel has rejected her new-born calf.  It's a gorgeous and deeply affecting movie.

2.  A several weeks ago I cut about seven dollars worth of London broil steaks into about fourteen small, not very thick steaks and tonight the Deke and I ate the last of them.  Two were left and we had baked potatoes and grilled sweet onions and mushrooms and a baguette.  It was very satisfying.

3.  I got on a 70's roll on YouTube, trying to make the Deke laugh, and played every song I could find that I knew she'd recognize, remember how cheesy it was, and tell me to stop.  Debbie Boone, Leo Sayers, the Carpenters, Mac Davis, David Soul, and Kenny Rodgers, among others,  all came through and inspired the Deke to remember the 70's, laugh a little, but mostly ask me, "Are you done now?" and say, "Okay, this isn't funny anymore."

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