Friday, May 13, 2011

Three Beautiful Things 05/9-13/11: Conferences, Exhaustion, I'm Not Christopher Sly

1.  The whole school week has been dominated by my favorite way to teach: individual conferences with each of my WR 121 students.  It's exhausting.  I learn more than I would ever otherwise know about my students.  I'm staggered by what I learn, by the difficulties so many of my students face and have faced.  In some cases, I'm talking about unimaginable difficulties.  Yet, here they are, in WR 121, doing all they can to persevere and learn and possibly change their lives.  I wish the school quarter wasn't so short.

2.  Because of the sweet exhaustion brought about by these conferences and because of my not very successful attempts to get caught up in my World Lit course, I was in bed very early every night this week, sometimes before darkness fell.  The old idea of early to bed and early to rise -- well, I can't say it made me wise, but it's a way of sleeping and waking that works for me.

3.  One last post about Christopher Sly:  two people who knew the show really well saw me today on campus and were not sure it was me.  My hair is short again, I'm not wearing a beard, and I am wearing my glasses.  I enjoyed the fact that the person who strolls the grounds of Lane Community College and teaches English courses does not seem like the same "person" who resided in "The Taming of the Shrew" as a jolly and irascible drunk.

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