Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Three Beautiful Things 05/16/11: Silver Screen Video, Pandora-Steely Dan, Shocking Blue- "Venus"

1.  I can't put things away because I can't remember where I put them and can't find them.  I can't find anything because of the clutter created by the fact that I can't put things away.  I couldn't find my DVD of "The Story of the Weeping Camel" today, but Silver Screen Video had a copy and the LCC student who works there and I had a fun conversation about Arab and Palestinian and Israeli movies, a book from India, and how she changed her major from English to physics.

2. Somehow all the artists that played on Pandora's Steely Dan station were just right:  Leon Russell, Van Morrison, the Allman Brothers, Santana, the Turtles -- and Steely Dan themselves.  I was in the right the right mood for "Deacon Blues".

3.  Somehow listening to Pandora's Steely Dan station led me to a YouTube video of a promo video of Shocking Blue peforming "Venus" in front of a cage with at least one monkey in it, swinging in the background.  I love this song and I'm trying to remember if that time when Rick Wainright and I were listening all time great openings to songs (like "Smoke on the Water", "Sweet Child of Mine", etc) if we mentioned Shocking Blue's "Venus".  I love how it opens and I love "She's got it/Yeah baby she's got it".  (By the way, listening to Shocking Blue led me to the Bananarama cover of Venus and then to a whimsical Bananarama video, "Love in the First Degree".)

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