Sunday, May 15, 2011

Three Beautiful Things 05/15/11: Silent Worship, Sisyphus Grading, Sharon Rodgers = Superb

1.  Within the structure of worship in the Episcopal Church, I always feel at liberty to totally join in or, if so moved, remain quiet for parts of the service or the whole thing.  This morning I sat silently.  I didn't sing hymns.  I didn't recite prayers or the creed.  I didn't respond out loud to anything in the service.  I participated silently and inwardly.  I don't know why.  It's what I was moved to do.

2.  I graded more papers all afternoon.  I'm still behind, but each session of work like this one draws me closer to getting caught up.

3. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to Sharon Rodgers present her insight and instruction about the history and details of our liturgy tonight at our Episcopalian 101 class tonight.  Her presentation was scintillating. It took me back to days when I was on the verge of mental collapse, but hadn't quite gotten there yet, and Sharon and Nick and I teamed up to teach a similar series, acquainting all interested in the history and the traditions of the Episcopal Church.  Sharon's presentations are crisp, learned, fascinating, and full of her vitality.  I'm glad I'm past that collapse (I hope for a long time) and have the energy to teach, like I did last week, and attend Adult Ed. classes, like I did tonight.  Great work, Sharon.

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