Sunday, May 8, 2011

Three Beautiful Things 05/08/11: Rev. Betsy Tesi's Sermon, Ren. and Ref. Studies Again, Back in a Saddle I Haven't Been in for a While

1.  This morning the Rev. Betsy Tesi's sermon beautifully explored the life span of sorrow and its enduring power, not separate from but intermingled with the promise of new life in the resurrection.  She's a great thinker, storyteller, and teacher.  I'm very happy that she's been hired to work with Bingham Powell as the clergy leading our parish.

2.  It had been years since I'd had the opportunity to prepare to give a presentation at church.  I volunteered to step in when Austin Kaiser was too busy to help out tonight and I really enjoyed getting back into Reformation and Renaissance history and back into reading documents from the first days of the Church of England and thinking about it all in relation to Shakespeare, Marlowe, Michelangelo, and Milton.  Preparing, reading, writing about literature and theology from the 16th and 17th centuries last night and again this afternoon gave me back a pleasure I hadn't felt for many years.  I'm just glad it wasn't for school which allowed me to enjoy being an amateur.

3.  I enjoyed making my presentation and the discussion and conversations that followed.  Yes, I felt a little rusty.  I haven't given a public presentation at the church in several years.  My struggles with fatigue and depression all those years meant I was often away from church, was no longer asked to preach, and didn't have the energy to volunteer to teach in the Adult Education program.  I'm hoping I can be licensed again as a Lay Preacher and I'd enjoy more opportunities to help out with Adult Education.

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