Thursday, May 5, 2011

Three Beautiful Things 05/04/11: Happiness Inventory, Liquid Diet, Mavs

1.  My eight o'clock WR 121 class was well-attended and I thought the sense focus was good as students wrote responses to the happiness inventory I handed out.  It's a way of seeing happiness in terms of the reading we've been doing and a way of helping the students begin to work with their own ideas and experiences.

2.  I sort of enjoyed the novelty of liquid shopping at the store:  gatorade, jello, beef broth, chicken broth, Popscicles, and then laxative products to prepare for my colonoscopy tomorrow.

3. The Mavs are surprising me.  Maybe I shouldn't be surprised.  Maybe the Lakers championship time is up.  But I was surprised tonight when the Mavs won their second straight at Staples to go up 2-0.  It was fun to listen to a lot of it on XM radio.

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