Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Three Beautiful Things 05/03/11: Good Spirit, Light, Lighter

1.  A good spirit pervaded my 10 o'clock WR 121 class.  They seemed to understand what lies before them as they work on another one of the three major essays in the course.  I told them I was getting excited about their learning and what we were working on and to slow me down if I got going too fast because of my love for my work speeding me up.

2.  I noted today, maybe a few days late, that it's finally reaching that time of the spring when daylight is breaking when I get up at six in the morning and is still with us in the early evening and I can sense and almost imperceptible lift, a boost of energy, a willingness to work longer into the evening.  The dark often stifles me.  The daylight gets me a little more revved up.

3.  I finished another set of essays.  I have another one to go tomorrow and more after that, but I'm really making steady progress and the more I progress, the more my psyche lightens up.

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