Sunday, February 23, 2014

Three Beautiful Things 02/22/14: 21st Century Cookie Purchase, Buddha Daisy, National Margarita Day!

1.  A girl scout in front of Albertson's asked me if I wanted to buy Girl Scout Cookies.  I did.  But, I told her I didn't have any cash.  I forgot I live in the 21st century.  I could buy cookies with my debit card.  I got a box of Samoa and Do-Si-Dos.  Later, the Deke informed the world of Facebook that these cookies paired well with XYZinfandel.  She's right.

2.  I'm lousy when it comes to technical things, even with my cameras.  I forget my cameras have fun capabilities.  Russell helped me take this picture of a Buddha.  I had forgotten I could take a black and white with a color accent using my Canon S95.

 3.  I read somewhere on the World Wide Web today that it was National Margarita Day.  So, the Deke and I went to Cornucopia and Billy Mac's and I enjoyed some margaritas and at Billy Mac's we had this blissful appetizer:  ahi tuna slices with some kind of wasabi sauce and won tons on the side and some cucumber slices and a little lettuce.  We split this little plate, but I could have eaten about twenty plates.  The tuna was that good.  (Keep in mind always when I write about food:  I'm very easily pleased and I never make recommendations because I'm a happy eater, not a food critic!) 

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