Saturday, February 22, 2014

Three Beautiful Things 02/21/14: Breakfast Biscuits, White Chickens at Sixteen Tons, Willamette Crushes Sheldon at Pegasus

1.  Tomorrow morning, St. Mary's  Episcopal Church will serve a free breakfast to anyone who comes.  The church does this twice a month.  I help out by joining forces with Kathryn to make dough for buttery biscuits and we had a great time. I cut up butter, Kathryn mixed up the dough, and we both made large rectangles of dough to be cut into biscuits tomorrow morning. Kathryn baked one batch of biscuits and we took them around to people working and volunteering in the church.  They loved our biscuits.

2.  The Deke asked me to meet with her at Sixteen Tons after I was done at church and I went to the cooler and enjoyed a couple of bottles of  Weihenstephan Hefe-Weissbier beer from Germany.  After our tot feast last night, we had both written tater tot parody poems in the style of William Carlos Williams on Facebook and this bit of high jinx got us talking with some passion about William Carol Williams and white chickens and abstract art and T. S. Eliot, all in no particular order, and it was fun, like talking about shopping for groceries, only it was poetry and art and what we enjoy, discussed intelligently in plain language.  That's what I like, talking about art and music and Shakespeare and poetry and so-called "high brow" stuff in plain language, like we were talking about working at the Zinc Plant. 

3.   The Deke and I looked all over town for a quiet place to have a bite to eat: we went to   Cornucopia, High Street, the Pour House, and Billy Mac's.  Every place was loud and crowded.  Then we ducked into the bar at the back of Pegasus Pizza where things were not really quiet, but where we found a place to sit we liked and we could enjoy a Greek pizza, gab, and glance up from time to time at the big screen television at the girls high school basketball game and see Willamette crushing Sheldon.  I'd never seen girls high school basketball on a big screen (or a small one) before.  It was fun.

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