Friday, February 14, 2014

Three Beautiful Things 02/13/14: GabAleFest at Sixteen Tons, Mirth Abides, Back to Sixteen Tons

1.  After a simple lunch of chicken mole, rice, and tortillas at the Bier Stein, I wandered down to Sixteen Tons to join Don and Cliff and Dick and others for their regular Thursday at three get together and enjoyed listening to stories and some good old gabbing.  Lots of lively minds in this group of beer lovers.  I'm happy not to get a word in!

2.  Was it a Belgian Blow Out?  Or a Belgian Beat Down?  Take your pick.  Shane, the Troxstar, and I pulled some fine Belgian Ales out of the Bier Stein cooler and enjoyed our samples and some fine yakking about music, bands, beer, and a host of other subjects.  Mirth abides.

3.  Turns out that when I left Sixteen Tons with the Troxstar to hike up to the Belgian Blow Out/Beat Down with Shane, the Deke strolled into Sixteen Tons a bit later and so I hoofed my way back to Sixteen Tons, enjoyed a half a pint of Snapshot Ale with her and brought a really fun afternoon and early evening of food, gabbing, and beer tasting to an end. 

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