Sunday, June 26, 2016

Photo Assignment #2: Tranquility

Back in the old days, when I was an instructor of English, I used to urge my students to turn in their essays no matter whether they were pleased with them or not -- I can't remember if I said it this way, but I know I thought, "Just get the damn thing done."

I was tempted to ask Christy for an extension beyond today's due date for this next photo assignment because I found myself wanting to go back this evening to Brookside Gardens in Wheaton Regional Park and shoot these pictures again in different light.

But, then I thought, how long would I drag this out, always thinking I could do better if I just took more pictures at different times of the day. That's probably a delusion.

I decided not to ask for an extension, but to just get the damn thing done!

Here's the assignment Christy gave us -- an assignment, I think,  worth repeating many, many times and a very challenging one:

"There is nothing more useless than a sharp picture of a fuzzy concept."
                                                                     -- Ansel Adams
Pick a particular mood or feeling (cheerfulness, sadness, anger, nostalgia,mystery, suspense, starkness, tranquility, etc. ) and take a series of photos to illustrate that mood or feeling.
Christy went on a drive up the Old River Road on the Coeur d'Alene River where she experienced surprise, here. Carol explored joyful patriotism at Kellogg's July 4th parade, here.

I set out to take pictures that expressed being jolly because when I used to grow flowers, I used to think they were smiling at me, especially when I watered them,  and were being jolly.

But after I looked at this set, I decided I would say they illustrate tranquility.

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