Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Three Beautiful Things 06/27/16: Staying Listed, Tofu Steak, Brookside Garden Flowers

1. I really don't do something every single day associated with staying on the kidney transplant list, but sometimes it seems like it. This morning I sprang out of bed and met my 8:00 appointment to have my TB skin test read. Being listed requires that I get tested annually. It was, in the breezy and most capable lab tech's words, "totally negative". Good news. Then I met my 9:15 appointment to have my monthly blood draw done and, as always, Angela drew a tube of blood with kindness and efficiency. Now I just have to report to Greenbelt Imaging on Wednesday morning to have a chest scan done and I can take a break from medical stuff for about a month.

2. I hadn't been to Beijing of Greenbelt since December and I dropped in this evening and enjoyed a meal called tofu steak.  It featured generous slabs of tofu with red and green pepper slices, mushrooms, and onion on the side, covered in a special soy sauce and served with white rice. I was in the mood for something unusual and meatless and this plate of food satisfied me.

3. This morning, at the last minute as I was gathering my swimming gear, I discovered I had lost my combination lock to secure my locker at the aquatic center. It's the second lock I've misplaced.  I decided to stay home. I've been in the locker room in the aftermath of petty thievery and decided not to risk being the next person robbed. So, I looked again at the pictures I took Sunday evening at Brookside Gardens and did some editing and I also read a couple helpful articles on how I might improve the pictures I take of flowers. Here are some of the photos I snapped:

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