Sunday, June 12, 2016

Three Beautiful Things 06/11/16: I Overdid It a Bit, Solitude in the Pool, More Encouraging News

1. I filled up my pack with my swim suit, pool shoes, soap, towel, wash cloth, lock, and water bottle and headed off to walk the banks of Greenbelt Lake and then leave the lake trail and stroll over to the aquatic center. For reasons too convoluted to explain, I got mixed up as to where to leave the lake trail took a much longer route than necessary to the swimming pool. I ended up adding at least a mile and a half or so to my walk. Then I walked home, without error, after working out in the pool and ended up walking about 9800 steps. As far as my right heel is concerned, I overdid it just a bit, but my heel will recover and I won't make the mistake again I made today on the trail. I am trying to find the right amount of walking I can do to add to my exercise in the pool. I'm very pleased with my efforts today, even if they caused me a small level of discomfort.

2. It being a gorgeous and hot day out, I was alone in the exercise area and one of only two people in the pool.  Bored lifeguards relieve each other about every twenty minutes or so. Occasionally I glance at them paying no attention to me flopping around with my styrofoam noodle, and I am relieved by their boredom and lack of interest in what I'm doing. I enjoy the feeling of solitude, of being in my own world of jogging, cross country skiing, churning my knotted styrofoam noodle, stretching, and devising ways to invent resistance for my muscles in the water and stretching my aging limbs.

3. The news from Kellogg about Mom continues to be very encouraging. She continues to lose weight as she relieves herself of the fluid that had collected in her ankles and legs and abdomen. When I checked in today, she was eating lunch, and by all I can tell, her appetite is good and Christy reports that she keeps looking better and improving.  

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