Thursday, June 9, 2016

Three Beautiful Things 09/08/16: Positive Mom Update, Swimming Pool Illusion, The Near Future

1. Christy's news reports about Mom were positive. Christy reported that Mom slept well Tuesday night and that on Wednesday her color was already improving and her appetite was good. Mom must reduce her sodium consumption and Carol prepared a low sodium meal and brought it over. Christy decorated a notebook and filed Mom's information in it and this is where they can keep the records as Mom and Christy document Mom's blood pressure, fluid intake, weight, and other observations. Many thanks to all of your for your thoughts and prayers.

2. Once again, flopping around in the pool, going through the workout routine I've made up and improvise upon a bit, made my skin tingle with pleasure and, at times, helped create an illusion I decided to enjoy that I am sleek.

3. At the Old Line Bistro, the Deke and I continued our discussion of what we might do in the upcoming several months. The conversation was relaxed --we changed subjects a lot, especially as news from Christy began to come by text message regarding how Mom is doing -- and, as expected, we arrived at no decisions. For now, we are focused on the Deke wrapping up the school year, the Deke's trip to Indiana in late June, my trip to Chicago on July 3rd to join her and her brother's family for a 4th of July celebration, and our trip to Kellogg from Chicago on the 5th. I purchased tickets today. As always, we both look forward to seeing our families on these trips and I'll get to see some of my best and oldest friends.

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