Monday, February 1, 2010

Three Beautiful Things 02/01/10: Barks Redux, Moth Shut Again, Limits

1. I could watch the Coleman Barks interview with Bill Moyers and his readings of Rumi's poetry every single day, I swear. "Love's Confusing Joy" is the name of the program. Wow. Did I ever enjoy looking at mystic reality in poetry class today after we viewed the tape. The frog in the ocean...and then looking at a couple of Neruda's odes from within this context. I thought it worked....but I might be wrong...I think the frog in the ocean is the metaphor I'm going to live by for a while....

2. At work today I didn't talk about the meeting I didn't go to and that I didn't think I'd understand if I did go. Not talking about things I don't know much about is good for my health. Really good. Keeps me in better harmony with the frog in the ocean and keeps me out of the ditch.

3. I have two more WR 122 papers to grade. I'm not going to grade them tonight. I'm going to bed. I used to push myself through my fatigue and finish tasks. I used to think I needed to be like an elite athlete. That's what they always do: push through fatigue, get the job done. Well, I'm not elite and it makes me sick to not get proper rest and, frankly, I don't want to go back to the hospital, so I'll do those papers in the morning and I'll work more tomorrow at getting caught up, but not at the cost of my health. I'm not elite. I'm not elite. I have limits. When I push my limits it makes me sick. It's not worth it. Maybe some of you reading this post are tired of pushing yourselves. Join me. Get some rest. Doing it all is way overrated.

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Go Figure said...

So now you tell me about pushing through fatique...that explains alot. HA. Hang in there.