Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Three Beautiful Things 02/09/10: Donut/Coffee Comparison Shopping, Write Your Truth, Write Your Poems

1. I went comparison shopping today: before my morning class I went to 7-11 for a chocolate donut bar and a cup of coffee with powdered non-dairy creamer. Before my evening class, I stopped off at Holy Donuts! for a hand-crafted locally made chocolate donut bar and a cup of premium organic coffee with half and half. All I gotta say is, "Thank heaven for 7-11."

2. In both of my writing classes, students volunteered (for the most part) to detail how they were framing their short research papers and what they meant for how their sources would strengthen their arguments. I had a really great time listening, addressing questions, maybe solving a problem or two, and reiterating that one thing is of the highest value in their writing: tell the truth, as you see it.

3. My ENG 106 class focues on reading poetry and working to understand how poems work. Within the mandated purposes of this course, students also write some poetry of their own and I'm enjoying the poetry these students are writing. A lot.

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Go Figure said...

RP: Makes me want to go back to (egad) school and take a class or two from you!