Monday, February 22, 2010

Three Beautiful Things 02/22/10: Home to Rest, Future Get Together?, Yi Shen Not McDonald's Tonight

1. I took a day of sick leave today and it did me good. I started to make a dent on getting caught up with my paper grading and thinking about what's coming next for my students in my classes. I doubt I'll take another one tomorrow, but it wouldn't hurt me. I needed the rest to try and recuperate today.

2. The thread that grew out of my piece "Tied to Spokane" grew today and the upshot of that piece and our discussions might just be a get together to get some of us brainiacs from the early eighties back together for some fun, food, and conversation.

3. I appreciated Dierdre and Mark's advice that I go to McDonald's and have red meat and potato product to help heal what ails me. That advice is not off the table. Believe me. But, for dinner tonight, before I went to Albertson's for some groceries, I went to Yi Shen and enjoyed Yokisaba noodles with chicken, pork, tofu, and a variety of vegetables. I'm sure, Dierdre and Mark, that a McDonald's Angus Burger and an order of fries would have also hit the spot, but I decided to eat Vietnamese instead of American. (Keep the good advice coming....but I bet I won't go to a Tea Party ;) )

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