Sunday, February 7, 2010

Three Beautiful Things 02/06/10: Hendricks Park Triggers Memories, Ginger Fish, New to Us: Thai Hot Wings

1. Russell and I braved a gray, but mild early afternoon and scaled the heights of Hendricks Park and snapped photos. The Hendricks Park shelter reminded me of starting graduate school and the party we hot shot young scholars had there in early October, 1979 and how of all those in attendance, it's Carol Watt whom I still see all the time as a fellow instructor at LCC and how kind she was to me at the University of Oregon and how hard it is to believe we've known each other for 31 years now and how weird it is to me that current Eugene Councilwoman Betty Taylor was at that party as a new graduate student in her, I think, fifties and I thought about how two years later Becky Ankeny started her degreee and came to the start-of-the-year picnic at Hendricks Park and I talked with her husband, Mark, and somehow the subject was marriage and how he told me, not knowing how long I'd been married, that the fifth through seventh years were always the most difficult and I nodded, thinking Eileen and I were getting through it pretty well and then how two months later we were separated and we were divorced the following year. I also thought of Mark and Carissa's wedding held there on a gorgeous, I think it was August, evening. I hope my pictures turned out.

2. After the photo outing, I kept my eating ginger streak alive and ordered the ginger fish and rice dish at Yi Shen.

3. To my delight, the Deke craved Thai food when I got home and so, after a wears me out remembering all that stuff at Hendricks Park...I buzzed over to Chao Pra Ya and picked up a couple of dishes we are accustomed to loving: Massaman Curry and Tom Kha soup. Then I went off our usual grid and bought an order of Hot Wings. It all worked.

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