Friday, February 26, 2010

Three Beautiful Things 02/25/10: Rest, Vince Van Patten, Susan-Louise

1. I've had another very slow day of rest, continuing to wait out this ailment. I think the rest is the right thing.

2. Lately, the Poker Channel on has been broadcasting matches from the World Poker Tour. The card playing has been really good and it's been fun listening to the host Vince Van Patten and his partner, the great poker player, Mike Sexton. I had forgotten all about Vince Van Patten. In particular, I'd forgotten that he was a very decent professional tennis player. Funny world.

3. It was a pleasure and the best of surprises: Susan-Louise dropped into "Tied to Spokane" and I'm in touch with her for the first time in over twenty-five years.

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