Saturday, February 27, 2010

Three Beautiful Things 02/26/10: Rest, Good Chats, Snug: My Good Friend

1. More rest today and some hints that maybe this respiratory ailment might be starting to ease, but, given my history with such illness, I'm not eager to be optimistic just yet.

2. These days of illness and rest have been good ones for conversations online with friends I've known for many many years (as well as some current friends) and it's uplifting, encouraging to talk over some things or to just swap barbs. As always, each different friendship has its own style and tone.

3. Good ole Snug. He's sure a faithful friend. I've spent a lot of time on the sofa and he climbs up and presses himself against my lower legs and when he needs a change of place, he stays in the same room with me, lies on the floor, near a living room chair, and then, on occasion, saunters over to let me scratch and pet him. In the evening, he wants me to come to bed earlier than I do. Does he protest? Whine? No. He goes to my bed, lies down in the very spot I will sleep in, and makes it warm for me. Yes, Snug's too protective. Yes, Snug is too afraid. Yes, this has caused problems. But in the small world of Snug and me together, he's the best.

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