Sunday, February 21, 2010

Three Beautiful Things 02/20/10: Takin' It Easy, Dr. No, Galangal Root Magic

1. No pushing it today: that was how I lived on Feb. 20th. I can't wear myself out and risk this infection worsening. Several naps. A few bon mots on Facebook. I took it really easy.

2. The Deke has been under seige with this chest infection/deep, persistent cough for over a week now and I gladly rallied to buzz over to Laughing Planet and pick her up a Dr. No's Low-Carb bowl, a steamed vegetable medley with Draper Valley natural chicken, smokey roasted red pepper and garlic sauce and mixed jack and cheddar cheese. Happily, it hit the spot for the Deke.

3. Later, I trudged out the door and buzzed over to Chao Pra Ya for some medicinal Thai food. I crave spicy food when I'm fighting a chest infection, hoarse voice, and persistent cough. The best medicine? Tom Kha soup. I imagine the galangal root, kaffir leaves, chili pepper flakes, and lime juice spreading out when they hit my chest and going on an infection killing mission. Even if they don't, it tastes terrific and brings me comfort. So did the Pumpkin curry and the Thai Hot Wings.

(Hey! Wow! I just did some reading about the galangal root and it's used and has been used in several parts of the world as a medicinal treatment for colds, flus, and fevers, among other things. My cravings are trustworthy. By the way, it's also used as an aphrodisiac. Sigh. Maybe for Turks and Russians and Laotians and Indonesians and the Chinese. That aspect of galangal root didn't and hasn't quite kicked in for me yet!)

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