Thursday, May 6, 2010

Three Beautiful Things 05/05/10: Spontaneous Conversations, Poetry in Springfield, Patrick's Big Change

1. Deep down inside I wanted my WR 122 students to work with each other as they mapped out their longer research paper and when they had time in class to work on their own, they started working with each other as if I had told them to do just what I wanted them to.

2. Scott was an accomplished Shakespeare student of mine back in 1997 and now he's a high school teacher in Springfield and he stopped by today to talk over how I approach teaching the Intro to Lit: Poetry course and we had a good discussion.

3. Patrick is convinced that a change of scenery will help him move forward in his life. Indeed, there was a skip in his step and a look of eagerness and excitement on his face as he loaded up the last of his belongings and pulled away from the curb, following his dad, as left last night to go live in the Portland/Vancouver area. I hope his idea that he'll do better living with his dad and Bonnie and will find good work by getting out of Eugene comes true. My fingers are crossed and my prayers are with him.

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