Sunday, May 16, 2010

Three Beautiful Things 05/15/10: Yard Work, Shrimp and Chips,

1. Watering, looking at plants, marveling at how they've grown, thinking most of them look pretty healthy: a day in the yard. Pictures to come. Really.

2. Excellent breaded shrimp and chips at Newman's on Coburg Road. Russell and I enjoyed the temperate weather and had another far-ranging conversation.

3. Just in time for the NBA Playoffs, I dug deeper into's TrueHoop network and discovered, a blog kept by Sebastian Pruiti, that breaks down specific elements of specific NBA games, with excellent analysis and videotape. I particularly enjoyed this post, a close look at LaBron James' shooting woes against the Celtics. I also learned quite a bit, here, from Sebastian's analysis of what it cost the Cavaliers when, in Game 6, they defended Kevin Garnett with Shaq.

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