Sunday, May 9, 2010

Three Beautiful Things 05/09/10: Worship Improv, Push Back with the Mower, Thunder

1. Lately I've been sitting way in the back of the church and sort of doing things my own way. Sometimes when the liturgy directs the congregation to stand, I want to remain seated and sometimes I want to kneel when I'm supposed to sit. I'm not being a rebel or anything, but sometimes the spirit moves how I experience worship in ways different from the liturgy. Often, though, the spirit and the liturgy are in sync and I do what everyone does. I notice there are others scattered around the congregation who also free lance a bit.

2. I mowed the lawn and once again enjoyed our new non-power mower. It's not as powerful as a gas/electric one, but I love how quiet it is and how it makes me work.

3. Thunder cracked and a downpour ensued. It was a short one. Thunder is, to my way of thinking, rare in Eugene.


inlandempiregirl said...

I did the same thing in church today. I sat when everyone stood to sing. Our church is getting so crowded now that chairs are close the aisle. It is so amazing to see over 60 people in our little church and about ten kids running to Sunday School.
JEJ had a tip.... those lawn mowers work great... just don't wait too long to mow! It reminds me of the gentle sound Walter's made when I slept upstairs at Elinor's and he would mow in the morning.

raymond pert said...

JEJ is right on the mark.