Sunday, May 9, 2010

Three Beautiful Things 05/08/10: Saturday Push Back, Korean Food, July on Bristol Bay

1. I got right at it this morning: walked Snug, watered the lawn and plants, started grading papers. I pushed back at the darkness trying to occupy me. I don't always get the upper hand, but today I did.

2. Russell and I went to Burger Lovers/Chopsticks and Spoons, a Burger/Korean food restaurant in west Eugene and each enjoyed a generous heap of food. Mine was pork fried kasu dong, an overflowing clay plate of crisp fried pork, a medley of firm broccoli, cabbage, other vegetables, egg, and a special sauce. A hillock of rice completed the dish. We'll be back. We are ready to work our way through the rest of the Korean menu and then start in on the burgers and po boys!

3. Susan-Louise posted on Facebook that her brother Marty invited her to help crew his gillnetter on Bristol Bay. It'll mean a few weeks of intense work, time around Naknek, and a return to her origins, to hard work. Susan-Louise and I had a great chat on Facebook about being working class kids who have left the working class life. We both know the working class life, thank God, never leaves us.

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