Sunday, May 23, 2010

Three Beautiful Things 05/22/10: The Art of Liberty, Celtics Dominate the Magic, High Maintenance Moment

1. While I walked Snug I turned thought after thought over and over in my mind regarding Robert Grudin's insights into the art of liberty, especially how the free mind pursues freedom from the self, not of the self. Free from my self: I am much freer as a reader, teacher, listener, friend, writer, and citizen as I free my mind of my own predispositions, even of my own convictions, as I confront what others have to say or as I try to understand a subject more fully. Freedom from the self.

2. It was as if Mike Tyson were in the ring with Laverne De Fazio: that's how lopsided the Celtics domination of the Magic was this evening.

3. I had my first high maintenance moment at Market of Choice ever: I brought distilled water to the checkout stand, but I wanted spring water and the kid helping the checker went back and got what I wanted and I held up the line and everything. I'm not used to this. I'm not sure I liked it.

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