Sunday, May 23, 2010

Three Beautiful Things 05/23/10: Pentecost Sunday, Papers, Chao Pra Ya

1. It was Pentecost Sunday and I wore a red shirt and all through the service I kept remembering the days when I worked at Whitworth in the late 70's and a group of us tried to get a Human Spirit/Holy Spirit study group going...we met at least once...maybe more...and all through the service I thought of Dr. Dick Evans (aka Doc) and music at Whitworth and the way music is like the Holy Spirt: it clarifies my thinking, clarifies my feeling, directs me, guides me, and cracks open my heart and soul. I wonder if we talked about this in that short-lived group because I thought these things in church today and Dick Evan's face kept smiling and I could hear him speaking.

2. I have read all the WR 122 research essays for my 8 o'clock class that I can....all the ones that are finished according to the assignment. That bit of accomplishment felt good this evening after a kind of lazy weekend.

3. Chao Pra Ya Thai food tonight. Take out. Hot wings, Massaman Curry, Tom Kha soup. Superb.

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Go Figure said...

RP: Ya hare is get'n mghty grey. Ha.