Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Three Beautiful Things 05/18/10: Thai-Hop with the Deke, Thoughtful Student, The Band's Visit

1. The Deke and I ate at Thai-Hop. It was fun. I wasn't crazy about my Thai Teriyaki Chicken, but having a dinner out and taking some time for a little jawing with the Deke uplifted me.

2. I think Janie recognizes that it disappoints me when over half the class is absent for WR 122 and when I have to tell one of the attending students to stop doing other homework and join in with what we are doing. It makes my usually enjoyable job a drag. Janie stuck around after class and talked with me and I was touched by her thoughtfulness. (By the way, I should add that I am no stranger to the occasional section of a course that peters out. The good news is that in every one of these sections there are always a handful of students who accept the challenge of the course and enjoy it.)

3. I showed "The Band's Visit" in ENG 109 and the stillness in the room as the movie concluded assured me that this masterful Israeli movie affected my students, even moved many of them.

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