Saturday, May 8, 2010

Three Beautiful Things 05/07/10: Push Back, Brails Talk, Rocket Has a Good Laugh

1. At least now when the tide of depression begins to move into my consciousness and begins to weigh down my legs and slow me down and begs me to stay in bed, I know it's there. We are so familiar with each other that this depression rarely catches me off guard so I can push back. Today has been a push back day. Yes, I spent too much time on my bed, but I got up and I did things, too, and that matters a lot.

2. Jeff and Margaret and I met at Brails for a bite to eat and had a splendid time talking about the absurd world we work in, but mostly the one we live in. And we talked about the goodness we experience in this absurd world we live in. We always do. There's always goodness, especially good friends.

3. This evening I received an email from Rocket telling me that I had made him laugh with things I'd written and other good-natured stuff I sent him. It all related to our little world back at Whitworth and the copious inside ways we made each other laugh back then. We must have seemed like nut cases to others, especially our dorm mates. I guess we were kind of nut cases! Good-natured nut cases. He needed a good laugh and knowing I helped him out strengthened my resolve to push back at the darkness of depression that's trying to wedge its way into taking over my day.

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