Sunday, May 16, 2010

Three Beautiful Things 05/16/10: Celts Win, Putting Depression In Its Place, Superb Breakfast

1. The wily, physical, aging Boston Celtics punched the upstart Orlando Magic in the yap, taking game 1 of the Eastern Conference Finals. It's so fun to bad mouth Rasheed, but he was a difference maker late in the series against Cleveland and made a quality contribution today. I can feel myself reluctantly giving in, reluctantly letting my guard down -- I'm letting myself hope the Celtics can keep winning.

2. The fight I was having a week or so ago with the gravity of depression seems to be over and today I did more of the things that keep me from getting pulled into the darkness: I walked Snug three time, worshiped at St. Mary's, and mowed the front and back lawn with the non-power mower.

3. The Deke bought these things at Costco: two corn tortillas with chili and cheese inside and I fried one in the grease created by three strips of thick smoked bacon and fried up a couple of eggs and ate the bacon and used the tortilla/chili/cheese thing to sop up egg yolk. It was a great breakfast. The Pike Place coffee from Starbuck's worked, too.

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