Monday, June 14, 2010

Three Beautiful Things 06/13/10: Denali Release, Jesus Dines, The Celtics Win

1. I enjoyed the release party for the Lane Community College literary and arts magazine Denali. Under the shade of old trees in the Whitaker neighborhood on the patio of The New Day Bakery, a handful of poets read their work after a slide show given inside the bakery of art pieces submitted. Mildred Crow, Denali's editor, oversaw a gorgeous magazine, beautifully composed, replete with excellent work.

2. The gospel reading today in church came from the book of Luke (7:36-8:3). The story is vintage Jesus. He's sitting at a table with a Pharisee, not exactly a chum of Jesus. A woman, "who was a sinner", bathes and kisses Jesus' feet. The Pharisee is outraged. Jesus seizes the moment to tell a parable about forgiveness. He continues to dine with the Pharisee. He doesn't kick him out for being sanctimonious nor does he boot the woman for her sin. I enjoy Jesus most when he's dining.

3. I've been a Celtics fan since at least 1966. I didn't understand what kind of players Ray Allen, Paul Pierce, and Kevin Garnett were when the Celtics put this current team together. In 2008, I learned that they are not just flashy scorers. They're tough-minded, willful, physical, spirited, gutsy veterans who can also score. In 2007-08, I wasn't sure if I'd warm up to this Celtic's team, but I did and tonight I'm happy they won game 5 over the Lakers. And it's not all Allen, Pierce, and Garnett. It can't be. Rondo. The bench. Perkins. Doc Rivers. Armond and Tom, his assistants. The brains, the energy, the schemes, the hustle, it's coming from up and down the roster and all through the coaching staff. I like this team a lot. They're tough. (I'm not. So I like others to be!) I'm eager to see if they can tough out one more win in L. A.

It's a tall order.

I'll keep the faith.

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