Saturday, June 12, 2010

Three Beautiful Things 06/11/10: Snug Gets Groomed, Snug Goes to the Ocean, Nearly Done

1. Roni Naccarato (yes she has family in Priest River!) manages the PetSmart grooming salon and when she overheard the Deke talking about Snug's fear of other dogs, she said she'd groom Snug and suggested scheduling a 7 a.m. appointment to groom him before other dogs came in and before the PetSmart store opens. This morning, she bathed and groomed Snug in under 90 minutes and Snug and I were out the door far ahead of other dogs and customers. Honestly, I nearly cried. Snug looks great and I can schedule these 7 a.m. sessions as needed.

2. Snug and I haven't been on a road trip for quite a while so we took a drive along the Oregon Coast, just north of Waldport. I searched for an isolated beach where Snug could prance around on his twenty foot long leash and, lo and behold, no one was at the Muriel Ponsler Wayside and Snug trotted, sniffed, rubbed himself all over a dead seagull, breathed the sea air, and had a great time. All groomed, he looked great, too!

3. I worked diligently all week and am poised to finish my spring term. I only have a very few papers left to read and almost all the grades are computed. Unlike previous terms, I'm not stumbling across the finish line fatigued and stressed.

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