Saturday, June 19, 2010

Three Beautiful Things 06/18/2010: Rum and Coke, Thoughtfulness, Breakfast Pleasure

1. We went over the Pendleton's for a delicious steak dinner and I let my hair down a little and drank some alcohol for the first time since February. The booze was great. I'd forgotten just how perfect Coca Cola and Rum taste together.

2. I relish and cherish it when stuff I hear back from friends about stuff I write in my blog concerning my love for the times I get to have with my Kellogg friends. Some very thoughtful comments floated into my Facebook account. They made me very happy.

3. I hadn't fixed myself a big breakfast for a while and this morning hash browns, two fried eggs, Farmhouse multi-grain toast, three strips of bacon, and juice really hit the spot. It was simple, straight ahead, and satisfying.


inlandempiregirl said...

Not that I am high maintenance...but the best rum and coke is Coke Zero with Vanilla and Meyers Dark Rum in a old fashioned glass with lots of ice. Perfect.

raymond pert said...

I completely agree on the Meyers Dark Rum. Back when I bought booze, it was the only rum I would buy. Lots of ice, a must. I'd probably drink it out of a logger's boot. Someday I'll have to try the Coke Zero with Vanilla. Maybe around the time of one of the reunions...or both. I also love lime with Rum and Coke.

inlandempiregirl said...

I don't splurge on the Meyers very often, but actually the Bicardi Select Dark rum is at best second. I'll stash some Meyers and lime for the Maniac trip!