Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Three Beautiful Things 06/22/2010: Deke and Charly and Olivia, Cuz Blowout, Drumrongthai

1. The Deke safely arrived in Newark and then New Windsor and now is happily in the company of Charly for the first time in since August and is ready to have Granddaughter Olivia adjust to having a grandmother around the house.

2. The Orofino Baugh/West Last Cuz Standing Blow-Out is taking shape. I've been running some figures and it looks like we have 172 hours of activities to squeeze into a 72 hour weekend. I haven't factored sleep in yet.


3. A Thai food business has popped up recently in a boldly painted trailer nearby. It's called Drumrongthai. I strolled over there, knowing they only accept cash, with no cash, darn it, to check out the menu and prices. Here's a look at Drumrongthai, located on the little wedge of concrete at 6th and Blair Blvd.

(It's not my picture [it's from the Eugene Weekly] and I don't know who the people in it are.)

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